Jon Favreau on Lion King

Jon Favreau is going to revolutionize movie making and virtual reality by developing new technology and techniques to create new Hollywood blockbusters.


In a conversation during the media screening of Lion King in Melbourne, Jon Favreau spoke about the massive effort made by the studios to perfect the CG environments and especially the brilliant done in creating the very real characters.   Here is what he said:


As Jon Favreau was finishing off the production of Jungle Book, his production team were experimenting with the Unity gaming engine. They were creating digital environments as preproduction for Lion King, basically 3D sets, with dimensions as large as they wanted. “We would upload the digital environments into the Unity game engine, and we were using HTC Vive virtual reality hardware, and we created a multi-player film making VR game software,” he described. “All of our crew could put on headsets and to actually go into the sets and walk around and scout it, just they were in a real location.”
“At the point where we…

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